Prosperity Tips

From my upcoming Prosperity Book

Money and Prosperity…It’s what we want. It’s what we need. In a world filled with so much abundance you wonder why money seems so scarce. The solutions is to remove the blocks you have to prosperity. Using everyday prosperity affirmations you can retune your mind to become a money magnet. You can free yourself to welcome money and prosperity into your life and to receive abundance.

A Woman and “Money”

There once was a woman who had issues with money.  Money made her uncomfortable and she found that she would spend it quickly so she didn’t have to hold on to it.

One day the woman found a cat and she named the cat “Money”. Money was a big, long haired, black cat that sat on her lap during the day and slept on her bed at night. Now Money was always with her.

Every morning when she woke the first thing she saw was Money. And Money was the last thing she saw when closing her eyes to sleep.

First, she kept Money locked away in her house for fear that she would lose it. But in time she began to see that Money always returned to her. So she let go and Money always came back. She learned that Money goes out and Money comes in.

When it was dinner time, Money would get up on the table and wait for nibbles. And as she ate her dinner, Money would eat too. Every dinner the woman had, Money was there.

When the woman would sit down to do her bills on the computer, Money would come and walk across the keyboard. Money would rub her chin on the pen and lie down on the invoices. Whenever the woman worked Money was there.

The woman learned to play with Money, invest time in Money and finally she began to be so comfortable with Money that her actual money started to grown and accumulate.

The Magic Almond

Do you know the story of the almond? Long ago wild almonds grew all over the world but they were toxic and the almonds had to be roasted or boiled to be safe. But one day a tree came into being that was a genetic aberration. This one tree bore fruit (well, nuts) that were not toxic. And today all of the trees that produce edible almonds come from that single tree.

So inside each almond is not only the power to create a forest of almonds it has the power to transform what is currently perhaps un-useful into something bountiful and beneficial.

Hold an almond in your hand . For a moment visual that almond seed growing into a money tree, and then a hundred money trees, then a thousand, and then covering the earth. And all these money trees belong to you. Then eat the almond to make it part of you (or if you are allergic then plant the almond on your property).

Feng Shui for Prosperity

  • Clean off the front porch and go get yourself a new welcome mat. The word “welcome” called positive energy.

  • Hang a cut-glass crystal in your entryway just inside the front door to attract new money energy. Choose a round shape that reflects the light into little rainbows on the wall.  And hang it high enough so no one in the family bumps their head on it.

  • In your home office or where you pay bills clear out the clutter. Box or file important papers and trash the rest. When you clear out something you don’t need something positive has room to come in.

  • Find a comfortable area of the home and sit for a moment. Visualize what you wish your money situation to be like. Use a representation of your wish to mark this moment. The representation can be a silver coin, a money Buddha, a gold candle or a colorful plastic fish. From then on when you see this representation you will automatically be renewing your prosperity visualization.

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